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Feed mills

High quality feed requires 3 important M:
  • Good raw Materials
  • Skilled Management
  • Good Machinery

BEY-TEC supplies good machinery for 24/7 production. The target of machinery selection is based on the requirements of our customers and the design of complete feed mill plants with capacities from 10 t/h to 100 t/h.

Silo plants

BEY-TEC supplies complete silo plants. These plants can be used as raw material storage for feed mills, flour mills, rice mills and as trading facilities.
The plants are equipped with
  • Intake sections for trucks
  • Cleaning machinery
  • Conveyors for charging and discharging of silos up to 300 t/h
  • Silos with aeration system and temperature control
The sizes of the galvanized and corrugated silos are available with a diameter from 2,20 m up to 30,00 m, either as hopper silos or as flat bottom silos. The total capacity of the silo plants is up to 150,000 ton.